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R/C cars will feature prominently in the May 2, 2014 episode of Showdown Of The Unbeatables on National Geographic TV at 9PM Eastern and Pacific time. Each episode has three Showdowns pitting two companies against each other in a contest to see which is superior, a total of six companies each week. X Factory, Paul Sinclair, Chazz, and the X – 6 Cubed will be part of the fifth episode of this, the first year of the new program.

Each episode is re-broadcast several times, so about one million people will see for the first time what an R/C car can do as Paul puts his X – 6 Cubed through some incredible stunts. There were a total of seven different venues; only a few stunts are on an R/C race track. X Factory has previously released a photo of the Cubed lined up on a road about to drag race against a Porsche, and there will be a number of other breath-taking videos.

Paul after a failed stunt - Academy Award Material?

National Geographic cameraman gets up close and personal with an X - 6 Cubed

The first photo shows one of the Hollywood cameramen (Byron) doing close-up work with the Cubed. The director (Danny) hovers over his shoulder checking the image on the camera. Paul stands to the right with the transmitter. All of these shots are TV quality including GoPro views. At one point, the key grip referred to the seven cameras catching the action and we could only see three!

In the photo to your right is pictured Paul with the car after a bad landing doing one of the spectacularly big jumping tricks. There were many “takes,” and of course he got it right in the one that will be used.

Chazz and Paul having a blast during filming

Finally, Paul and Chazz relax after successfully completing what we think will be the final, most spectacular stunt. Prime time network TV! One of the biggest things ever to happen to R/C in the U.S. Get all your friends together to watch Showdown Of The Unbeatables at 9PM Eastern & Pacific on National Geographic Channel Friday May 2nd.



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