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This coming Friday on National Geographic Channel's Showdown Of The Unbeatables , X Factory, the X 6 Cubed, Paul and Chazz Sinclair will face off against a Harris Hawk! Can the raptor capture the Cubed? Can the Cubed escape while on a race course? Tune in at 9 PM Eastern & Pacific to find out.

Neck and neck in the turn...

Transmitor vs Predator

Here's looking at you, kid.

Hawks dive at speeds around 100 MPH when hunting. The X 6 Cubed will have to be incredibly maneuverable to avoid the diving hawk. Paul must turn fast laps while ready to abruptly turn off line and change speeds; he may have to turn around and go backward. Remember the hawk is no slouch at catching rabbits which unpredictably dart here and there the hawk can change direction too.

It would be one thing for the X 6 Cubed to escape on a wide open field where Paul can drive it anywhere, but the Cubed must stay between the track markers. It would be one thing for Paul to do donuts at one part of the course throwing up lots of smoke and pebbles, but he must complete laps without being captured.

And the Cubed must drag bait behind! Notice in the photo above that the Cubed is towing some rabbit fur which has been scented. Rabbits are among the hawk's favorite food.

X Factory vs. West Coast Falconry. Who will win? The Cubed or the hawk? Friday night, May 2nd, National Geographic Channel, 9 PM Eastern & Pacific.



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