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Paul Sinclair, driving the X – 6 Cubed, won the contest with a Harris hawk on the new TV show Showdown Of The Unbeatables. First airing of this episode (#5) of the show was Friday night, May 2nd. National Geographic Channel unexpectedly changed the show’s air time from 9 PM to 10 PM Eastern and Central, but the episode will be re-broadcast several times. Check your local listings. The episode that includes X Factory and R/C cars is titled, “Drill vs. Super Metal.” Each episode of Showdown is divided into three parts, and X Factory X – 6 Cubed vs. Harris hawk is the last part of this episode.

Sinclair and the X – 6 Cubed are shown doing a number of stunts during the X Factory set-up portion of the show. The car is shown on a regular outdoor R/C race track in some great close-up video, but then is shown going through orange cones
  Paul And Chazz
Paul and Chazz were happy toward the end of the first day of shooting.
which were set up on the track putting additional corners in the existing corners, making things much more difficult.
Then the Cubed is shown in a monster jump, landing on top of a U-Haul moving van! Paul’s Cubed beats a dirt bike in a drag race, then goes to an indoor skateboard park with some great footage in the bowl with a boarder.

Last, Paul jumps the Cubed length-wise over a huge full-size crew cab pick-up truck. The kicker is that Chazz was standing in front of the truck. William Tell had to shoot the apple off the head of his son. Would Paul’s Cubed miss his dad?
Car over Truck
Chazz ducks out of the way on near miss!
  Cubed and Camera
Director Danny wanted a close-up shot, and Paul delivered!
Then came the showdown with the hawk. The TV crew had built an off-road race track. The hawk had been trained to attack a rabbit’s fur bait about two inches in diameter and six inches long. Paul had to drag the bait on a short string behind the car, and it had quite an effect on handling. Could Paul complete three full laps before the hawk grabbed the bait?

YES!!!!! The agile, nimble, speedy X – 6 Cubed outran and dodged every attempt the hawk made to capture the bait, completing three laps unscathed.

X Factory plans to put the R/C portion of the episode up on their web site as soon as possible. There should also be video of Paul & Chazz watching the live airing of the show along with some friends at a party. Finally, lots of out-take video and photos will be posted, so stay tuned. There were two stunts which were edited entirely out of the show, and we will put up vids from these along with the out-takes. The TV quality of these vids & pix is unexcelled, and you will see the R/C car in all sorts of unusual and exciting situations.

So stay tuned for more from Showdown Of The Unbeatables!!!
  Chazz and Paul look serious
They wanted a "serious" shot... When have Paul or Chazz ever been serious??
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