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From Left: Larry Komisar(2nd), Paul Sinclair(1st)
Ford Price(3rd)

Dirtburner’s R.C in Livonia Mich. was the scene of the annual Halloween Trophy race on Saturday Oct 25 with a good turn-out on a beautiful fall day in Michigan. X Factory president and chief engineer Paul Sinclair TQed mod buggy with his X – 6 Cubed and took second in short course with an SCX – 60CF.

Paul finished second in round one of qualifying with some traffic issues, but after a re-sort he took round two by about four seconds, with a time two seconds better than the winner of round one. On an even better TQ time in round three, Paul landed the triple badly, hitting the wall behind pit lane, and was out, behind pit lane, and was out,

but his round two time stood up for TQ. In the main, Sinclair’s Cubed was absolutely on fire, with a wire-to-wire win lapping everyone but second place, putting in the only 25-lap run in the 7-minute race.

The 2WD short course class had only eight entries, and with several mechanical problems Paul completed only eight laps in qualifying, so started last in the main. He fought his way through traffic and was in second closing in on the leader when the buzzer sounded race’s end.
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