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Infinity by X Factory Releases Side Stiffeners for the B5M Chassis

X Factory’s Infinity chassis for the B5M has been very successful over the past six months, most notably TQ'ing all four rounds of qualifying in stock buggy at the 2015 Cactus Classic.

The Infinity B5M carbon fiber chassis kit offers several advantages over the stock chassis: First, it saves an amazing amount of weight, over 70g lighter than stock. Second, it flexes more than stock, providing additional traction and jumping capability. Finally, that additional flex is easily adjusted by playing with the screws and standoffs between the main chassis plate and the side rails.

With all screws in the side rails and side decks tightened securely, the Infinity chassis is fairly stiff, but testing by some team drivers and X Family members revealed certain conditions where the light chassis flexed too much, especially in a twisting manner. Engineer Paul Sinclair believed that a plastic element filling the gap between the chassis and side rails would help stiffen the chassis torsionally, help absorb energy the track puts into the car, and make the vehicle more consistent.

These ingenious plastic parts answer the call: The Infinity by X Factory line is adding side stiffeners for the B5M Infinity chassis. These super-light pieces - less than 10g total - fit perfectly between the chassis and side decks, using the existing holes for mounting. They're easy to install: just remove the bolts holding the cf side decks on, drop the new stiffeners in, and re-tighten the side deck bolts. These side stiffeners take up the gap between the main chassis plate and the side decks, significantly reducing the torsional flex in the Infinity chassis. Like before, chassis stiffness can be adjusted in just a minute.

An additional benefit to these side stiffener pieces: they provide a convenient and easy way to attach Velcro to the Infinity B5M chassis, making it easier to mount your body of choice on the car.

XF I106 is shipping now to great hobby stores and available soon on the X Factory web store.
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