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Infinity T5m Side Stiffeners Now Available!


X Factory followed up the incredibly successful Infinity B5m Carbon Fiber chassis kit with a sister kit for the bigger vehicle, the T5m. The I109 Infinity Carbon Fiber chassis kit for the T5m confers the same benefits for your truck as the buggy: extreme weight savings, more flex and controllable traction aids, and that dialed Carbon Fiber look! However, on some super-high bite track surfaces drivers looked for a way to stiffen the Infinity truck chassis further. And here it is!
The XF-I110 Infinity T5m Side stiffeners will drop straight in to your carbon fiber T5m chassis. They replace the 8mm aluminum standoffs with a dialed 3d printed plastic piece, filling the gap between the main chassis plate and carbon fiber side rails. These parts will not only stiffen the chassis significantly, but also work to absorb energy inputs to the chassis with less "spring action" than the carbon fiber pieces alone. Our testing shows these side stiffeners can be beneficial for the truck's consistency, especially on high bite surfaces.

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