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New X Factory Infinity B44 Camber Link Mount!

X Factory announces the latest addition to their popular Infinity line: a carbon fiber camber link mount plate which fits the rear of all AE B44 models. This clever and practical ball stud mount allows easy adjustment of the inner ball stud height.
Until now, adding or subtracting a washer from the rear inner ball stud has been a time-consuming job that often requires removal of the shock tower or top deck. With the Infinity camber link mount, the ball stud and its nut are reached easily for fast changes. Five ball stud positions are available.

The B44 camber link plate was developed initially by Alex LaBrash of LabRat Designs. Alex saw that drivers around the world only used the inner of the two stock ballstud holes, but found that changing the height of the ballstud to adjust roll center was a great pain. He initially had the part made out of 3mm material, but found the durability wasn't what he wanted.
In January this year X Factory approached Alex about producing and selling the camber link plate under their growing Infinity hop-up line. Engineer Paul Sinclair worked with Alex to improve the design and durability of the part, making the new pieces out of thicker 4mm material as well as adding some strengthening fillets. "We also added a pocket for the stock body mount to sit in, so the body mount's position would be changed minimally," said Paul. "Alex had a great part already, and we were able to work with him to make it even better."

Available in a week or so at fine hobby stores everywhere and now on XFactoryStore.com, this great new carbon fiber mount comes with all necessary hardware included. For U.K. drivers, the Infinity mount also fits the X 6S buggy.
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