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X Factory Doubles at Michigan Indoor RC Championship

X Factory drivers took home the top prize in mod short course and mod stadium truck at Saturday’s Michigan Indoor R/C Open held at DirtBurners R/C in Livonia, Mich, a suburb of Detroit. Even though it snowed outside most of the day on April 2nd (!) racing was hot inside with over 115 entries.

Dirtburners R/C features a hardpacked, slick clay track with lower traction than many of today's high bite indoor tracks. X Factory cars and the Infinity Chassis really shine as they help make traction and allow drivers to lay down super-fast laps while looking smooth and consistent. X Factory drivers Paul Sinclair and Russ Bryant put on a show with their respective trucks, earning the wins in some hard-fought Amains.
  In mod short course, X Factory’s Paul Sinclair started second on the grid, passed into the lead in the second corner of the flowing clay track, just over the cross-over, and never looked back. TQ driver Austin Horne made a couple mistakes on lap two while Sinclair motored off. Late in the race, with the Horne charging hard and Paul struggling through some backmarkers, it became interesting. Austin caught up to within 2 seconds, but Sinclair kept his SCX – 61 glued to the line, turning his own fastest lap under pressure and securing the win. "Austin and I had been battling every round of qualifying, with just a small mistake being the difference each time. When the early opportunity presented itself my X Factory truck was able to hold the inside line and take the lead. Austin certainly made me earn it though!"

In mod truck, it was Russ Bryant driving the Infinity T5M on pole for the A main. Russ fell back as the race started but worked his way into contention and, with six laps to go, passed from 3rd into the lead. An incredible battle ensued over the last few laps, and a late wreck made things a little dicey, but Russ held on for the win, 1.5 seconds ahead of 2nd place. After the race Russ said, "I got my first Infinity chassis for my short course and the difference was so great I had to get Infinities for my buggy and truck. This race was very tight, and my Infinity chassis made all the difference. It was planted and plush through the 4 doubles section, and that's where I made the pass for the lead late in the race. I had the truck dialed in perfectly."

Both Bryant and Sinclair competed in the 2wd mod buggy "Championship" class, which featured a nitro-style bump-up main event system. After three rounds of qualifying, all of which counted, Paul's X - 6 Cubed sat 2nd overall while Russ' Infinity-equipped B5m was 4th. Starting 1st and 2nd in the Even Semifinal, Russ and Paul battled from tone to tone, finishing in the order they started and bumping up to the main event. That would be the high point though, as both drivers struggled in the main, finishing 4th and 5th. After the race Paul said, "All the racing came down to the final main, and unfortunately at the end of the long day of racing I wasn't at my best and wrecked a few times to many. That's the way it goes sometimes; my X - 6 Cubed was definitely on point all day long!"
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