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Wingbats from X Factory Infinity!

X Factory Infinity wingbats put the finishing touch on the AE B5, both rear and mid motor. These great little carbon fiber beauties hold most wings securely and help with stiffness. Two wingbats are available: One fits the standard posts where the wing is held on with body clips. The second is countersunk to accept flathead screws holding the wing onto the mounts, and two 3 X 8mm flat-head screws are included at no extra charge.

You are always faster when your car is totally dialed! Find your wingbats here.

These wingbats fit any car whose wingmounts are 23mm apart, with 5mm diameter posts. That includes the B5/B5m, B44 (any version), and the Serpent SRX-2 and SRX-4 buggies. Look for wingbats for other popular cars soon from X Factory Infinity!
  Above, left: The I117 Wingbats go on without modification, using the stock wing mounts and body clips.
Above, right: The I118 Wingbats are perfect if you use aftermarket wingmounts which require screws to attach your wing.

Left: Paul's Infinity B5m looked great with the I118 wingbat bolted to his JConcepts aluminum wing mounts.
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