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Wishing the Best for Tracy Carver!

X Factory was contacted by Team Trinity's Kevin Abbott a few weeks ago with a simple request: would we help support a Florida racer's return to racing after a serious health scare. Tracy Carver suffered a massive heart attack - big enough to place the long-time racer in a coma! - but has made a recovery and now returns to racing. "The doctors gave Tracy just a 5% chance to live at one point," said Kevin. "We're super glad he pulled through, and to welcome him back to racing I wanted to present him with a new, dialed SC5m setup."
X Factory wasn't the only company that stepped up to help out. Team Associated donated the base SC5m kit; MIP Racing added their lightweight bi-metal puck drive system for stock racing. Team Trinity of course added the power components, their famous 24K 17.5 stock motor providing massive horsepower. JConcepts chipped in tires and a HF2 racing body. Another local racer, David "Wally" Wallace even chipped in the awesome Fin Turnbuckles! Beneath it all, of course, the Infinity chassis provided lightweight, nimble performance while adding great traction and jumping ability. Kevin posted the final donation list: "Thank you to Team Trinity, Team associated, Extreme Hobbies, X Factory, Ez customs, JConcepts, Hobbytown Gainesville, and MIP."

That is one dialed looking truck!! Great to see you back at the track, Tracy.
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