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Russ Bryant and Infinity Double Up at THE Series Round 1!

X Factory driver Russ Bryant doubled up at the first round of 2016's THE Series, held at Sandpit RC near Litchfield Michigan on May 14th. Russ drove his Infinity-equipped T5m from the pole position in modified truck to a runaway victory, lapping the field before the end of the Amain. In the hotly contested modified buggy class Russ faced more of a fight, battling with TQ Jason Jakubczyk and Kris Norlock through the main event before coming out on top.
THE Series is a long-running summer racing series across tracks in Michigan, northern Ohio, and Indiana. Averaging more than 200 entries for each 1-day event, and running on some serious old-school off-road tracks, THE Series hosts some of the best racing you can find in the Midwest.

Sandpit RC is very typical for THE Series events - as the name suggests, it's surface requires tires with some serious pins! Russ Bryant described the track, "It's built into the infield of a giant, smooth dirt oval. It makes tire selection tricky, because the outside sweepers and straights are fairly packed and smooth, while the infield is way looser. I choose to run some green-compound JConcepts Flip-outs with Dirt-Tech inserts, which gave me stability for the high speed sections and pins for the looser stuff. The Infinity chassis were certainly hooked up!"
Russ continued, "My truck was so dialed, it was crazy! No one was touching me, all day. I drove away from the pack at the tone, it was so smooth and consistent to drive in the rougher infield section." He wasn't kidding; lap times show Bryant's Infinity-equipped T5m was a full second faster than any other mod truck, coming within a tenth of a second of Russ' own buggy lap times! Speaking of his B5m, "My buggy was hooked up too - I set the fast lap in the main. I felt like I was the only driver who was able to consistently jump the tough triple. The downside ramp had a steep angle to it, and my B5m just popped off the jump face, and I was able to pitch it for the landing really easy. I think a lot of people were making their cars really soft for the surface, in order to find traction, and that chassis had it so hooked up I left my indoor springs on - just stood the rear shocks up a hole [in the rear tower]."

Huge congrats to Russ Bryant! THE Series next event is June 11th at 710 RC Raceway - we'll see you there!
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