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X Factory Infinity Towers for the HB D413!

The latest addition to the X Factory Infinity line of parts is front and rear shock towers for the Hot Bodies D413 4wd buggy. The front tower replaces the standard HB part while the rear one replaces HB #112802, the kit-standard (B) tower. Both Infinity towers have a small but significant X Factory improvement: There is more material on top of the shock mount holes and more material outside the last hole to reduce the possibility that the shock mount bolt will rip out landing a jump. This also helps with abrasion when the car is up-side-down.  
X Factory engineer Paul Sinclair said, "We’ll be happy to make the (A) or (C) rear tower for those who want one and we could even switch to an alternate design if there is demand. If you want an (A) or (C), contact me at XFactoryRC@gmail.com

Most important, the X Factory Infinity CF towers retail at $19.99, about half of the HB parts. Available soon at fine hobby stores and on XFactoryStore.com.
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