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X Factory Goes 1-2 at Memorial Day Shootout!

The last weekend in May, X Factory's Paul Sinclair traveled to The Track in Carleton Michigan to compete in the Memorial Day Shootout. Wonderful weather and a great big 1/8th scale track greeted Paul, but his SCX-61 Short Course truck proved up to the task. TQ'ing all three rounds of qualifying, Paul led the Amain from tone-to-tone to take the win.

XF Family member Brett Taylor also ran his production X Factory truck, qualifying third overall but moving up to second in the main event. Paul said after the race, "I was really focused on driving my SC truck on the large track, battling the wind, so I was really glad to hear Brett moved up to second behind me by the end of the race. He told me his truck was working great, and obviously my own was dialed in."

Brett Taylor snapped a quick picture of the two X Factory trucks cleaned up before their main event.
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