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X Factory Dominates Both Truck Classes at THE Series Round 2!

The second round of THE Series was held Saturday June 11 in 94 degree weather at 710 Raceway in Okemos, MI near Lansing. It was a long day, with racing starting at 9 AM and trophies around 11 PM. The track normally hosts 1/8 scales, and even though the crew had cut out the two big back jumps, a fast lap in mod buggy was over 30 seconds. The track was bumpy and, as usual for Midwestern outdoor tracks with lots of sun and a nice breeze, watering was necessary. The whoops section was difficult at the beginning, and as the surface began to deteriorate the fast line through it disappeared.
  X Factory’s Russ Bryant started the day off by TQing all three rounds of mod stadium truck qualifying with his Infinity T5m. He then ran away with the main, leading wire-to-wire. The Infinity truck was the only one in the main able to make any time at all through the whoops. Russ said, "All I can say is the Infinity chassis made all the difference. While everyone else had trouble in the whoops, I could 1-2-2-1 it with ease, occasionally even triple out! And the Infinity truck was absolutely dialed everywhere.”

In mod SC, the X Factory story is even better, as Bryant TQed all three rounds again with his Infinity SC5m while Paul Sinclair was just a few seconds behind driving his SCX – 61. In the main they completed lap one that way,
with Paul pushing Russ hard. There was contact and Russ spun. Paul waited, and third place slipped through. Bryant, now second, and Paul in third quickly caught up, applying heavy pressure. The leader’s problem in the whoops on lap 3 let the X Factory duo through with Paul again pushing Russ hard.

This time Russ made a small error on lap four and that was all she wrote. Paul’s SCX – 61 was obviously faster on the by-now pretty well blown-out track, and he motored off into the sunset with error-free driving. Russ followed Paul home in second. Paul said, "As the track deteriorated I knew my SCX – 61 would only get faster, so I could be patient. It worked out just that way. The truck was awesome. All I had to do was drive it and the truck took care of the track."
Privateer Brett Taylor had a great race, making all three A mains with his X Factory cars. Brett ran stock buggy with his X – 6 Cubed, mod truck with his X – 60CF, and mod SC with his SCX – 60CF. In truck and SC he bumped into the A from the B, and was very pleased indeed to be in all three As. Congratulations Brett!
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