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X Factory Releases Infinity Carbon Fiber Idler Shafts!

Here at X Factory we love solving problems. One small issue we’ve noticed recently, especially with the abundance of high-traction racing surfaces, is premature transmission failure. Modern high traction surfaces put more stress on the driveline. The latest models of some manufacturer’s 1/10 vehicles have aluminum idler shafts that are very slightly undersized to make assembly easier. 5x8mm idler bearings slide right on the shaft. Unfortunately, this can allow the idler gear to wobble slightly, and that leads to early failure. Things simply wear out too fast.
  Engineer Paul Sinclair said, "I've measured some shafts as small as 4.93mm. While that's proper clearance for a nice, easy fit, that's really an area where you want a tigher fit. The inner race of the ball bearings should not be moving around on that shaft, and a light press fit is the better option."

X Factory is now making idler shafts from carbon fiber which are more precise. This results in a slight press fit for the bearings. It’s tight; but a little push with your thumbs and the gear with its bearings slides on. The result is zero wobble and a silky smooth transmission that lasts longer

After testing the Infinity I203 idler shaft for a month, one TLR team driver said, "I usually open up the
transmission of my TLR 22 3.0 between each club race and replace the idler gear often. With the Infinity shaft in there, I've gone more than a month and my gears still look brand new!"

XF I119 fits all 5- and 6-series AE transmissions.
XF I203 fits all TLR 22-series transmissions.

Because the carbon fiber shaft is hollow, there is also a small weight saving

The Infinity I203 shaft fits all vehicles in the TLR 22 series: buggy, stadium truck, and short course. Infinity I119 fits all vehicles in the AE 5 and 6 series, again buggy, stadium truck, and short course.

These great new carbon fiber shafts retail for only $1.89! Available at fine hobby stores and on www.XFactoryStore.com.
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