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More Infinity Carbon Idler Shafts!

Following up on their successful release last week of carbon fiber idler shafts for AE and TLR vehicles, X Factory announces CF idler shafts for Kyosho RB5 and RB6 vehicles. These great shafts fit all models, including buggies, stadium trucks and short course.
  Last year we watched a regional trophy 10 minute short course race where a Kyosho team driver replaced his idler gear before the start of the main. He was race TQ and led every lap until the last one, when the transmission let go due to idler gear wobble on the shaft. The aluminum shafts in most 1/10 scale cars are very slightly undersized for easy assembly, and that allows a slight amount of idler gear wobble, which causes premature wear on all gears in the transmission.

X Factory’s Infinity carbon fiber shafts are precisely 5mm diameter. This means a small amount of difficulty in assembly – you’ll have to push the bearings on with your thumbs – but it eliminates all wobble. Your transmission will run quietly at peak efficiency for a long
  smooth life. The shaft is hollow, so there is a slight weight savings.

The Infinity I 501 carbon fiber idler shaft is priced at just $1.89, less than a new metal shaft from Kyosho. Available now at www.XFactoryStore.com and soon at fine hobby stores.
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