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X Factory Infinity FOR X RAY!!!!

X Factory releases five new Infinity parts to fit X Ray's XB2 buggy and XT2 stadium truck. All the new parts are direct fit and offer a variety of improvements and upgrades. Even though they all are great US-made Carbon Fiber and made in X Factory’s Ohio facility, they cost substantially less than the X Ray parts they replace.

The new Infinity parts will be available soon at fine hobby stores and are ready to order now from the X Factory store for shipment early next week.
First up is the I602 Front Shock Tower for the XB2 buggy. This part is made from 4mm CF and is a direct replacement for the factory item. The geometry is unchanged, and this tower fits both the dirt and carpet edition of the XB2. Retail price just $14.99.

     Also available now is the I603 Rear Shock Tower for the carpet edition of the XB2. Again, this is a direct fit with unchanged geometry, but in this case the Infinity part is 4mm CF, improving on the stock 3.5mm thick part. Just $17.99. A dirt edition Infinity tower will be available soon.

Also new is the I606 Battery Strap. This one is a clever new X Factory design: the Infinity strap is shorter than stock, and fits the buggy or truck with the laydown transmission, holding the battery securely in the rear location without foam spacers or extra hardware. The rear battery position is the most popular setting for weight bias, and this strap is an elegant, lightweight solution. I606 fits both the XB2 and XT2, is made of 2.5mm CF, and just $14.99.

     Next are the I605 Ackerman Plates which fit both the buggy and truck. X Factory's I605 contains all three of the available plate sets for just $14.99! Made of 2.5mm CF they are a direct fit, and because you get all three sets in one package you have all the tuning options right there.

  We've saved the best for last - the new Infinity I608 Front Chassis Brace. Made of 3mm CF, this pair of braces fit over the plastic parts at the front of the chassis. X Ray's chassis are famous for their flex tuning options, but many drivers are searching for stiffness on higher-grip surfaces. Problem solved, with the new Infinity chassis braces! By joining the plastic parts at the front and side, flex is reduced on both the buggy and truck. Because it surrounds the vertical chassis brace, the Infinity part offers additional strength as well as stiffness, resulting in better consistency under braking and entering corners. Two braces complete with 8 mounting screws, just $24.99. Fits both the buggy and truck.

Look for more great cost effective X Factory Infinity parts for these X Ray vehicles to be released soon.
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