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X Factory announces the latest addition to the Infinity line of upgrade parts, shock towers for the TLR 8ight 4.0. The X Factory towers match the latest TLR tower geometry precisely, and will fit any TLR 8ight buggy, nitro or electric. Made from U.S.-sourced 5mm carbon fiber in X Factory's own facility, towers for both front and rear are available now on the X Factory store and very soon at fine hobby stores everywhere.

The stock TLR towers are aluminum, a throwback to the older 1/8th scale buggy designs. Modern racing buggies are taking advantage of Carbon Fiber's many benefits: a higher tensile strength which stiffens the suspension and resists flex and bending; and a better strength to weight ratio, allowing better performance at the same or less weight. With the ever-increasing speed in today's 1/8th scale racing, and larger tracks with greater obstacles, you need the latest technology for top performance. X Factory's Infinity shock towers will stiffen and strengthen your car for the races ahead. Push your TLR 8ight to the limit with X Factory Infinity !


Many thanks to Kevin Morales for these pictures of his 8ight.

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