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X Factory Diff Balls Now in 14-pack

    X Factory announces their great carbide diff balls now come in a pack of 14. Many modern 1/10 vehicles now use 14 ball s in their diffs instead of the old 12. These 3/32 inch carbide balls are grade 10, which is a superior grade to most available. X Factory has long sold them in packs of 12, and most drivers report smoother diffs with less ring wear so they hold adjustment better and last longer between re-builds. Grade 10 carbide balls have fewer surface imperfections than the standard grade 25 carbide ball.

Perhaps just as important, these superior carbide balls are priced lower than others! X Factory continues to supply top quality at affordable pricing.

The #6500 diff balls, pack of 12, will continue to be sold alongside the new #6501 pack of 14. They are the same balls.

Find our Diff Balls in the 14 pack on the X Fatory Store here.

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