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Running the New AE Hub Carriers

Team Associated has released some new aluminum hub carriers for the B4/T4/SC10 family of cars. They addressed the problem of broken ballstuds by creating a top molded piece to hold the ballstud; if it breaks in a bad wreck you simply replace the cheap plastic and keep going. Unfortunately the new hub carriers doesn't bolt directly on to X Cars.
It didn't take long for the X Factory Family to jump into action. Within a few weeks of release, member "PaintingRoly" on RCTech posted up his fix for the new hub carriers. In his words: "What you do is shave down the sunken in part where the caphead screw sits flush... This pic [on the right] shows the differance between the "stock" [left] and "modified" part [right]. Once they're sanded down, the sanded face goes on to the aluminum hub, and this is what it looks like mounted [below]."

Using this method you can run thehub carriers on the correct side, that is R on the right side and L on the left, and thus easily run hub carriers with toe-in.

Many thanks to PaintingRoly for this tip and the pictures. Great looking X - 6²! You can find his original RCTech post here.