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A prototype of the new X Factory SCX – 60CF mid-motor short course truck was seen at the recently completed J Concepts Short Course Shoot-Out at Mike’s Hobbies in Dallas, Texas. Team driver Clayton Easley drove the new truck, which was designed for X Factory by Speedy Dad in Phoenix, Ariz. Easley had Dad’s personal truck.

The SCX – 60CF is all carbon fiber and very slim, for an absolutely dialed look. This photo of the chassis shows the lay-out of Speedy Dad’s first truck. Dad has made a slightly revised prototype raced by his son Alex and the production SCX – 60CF is being made to those specs, so some parts will be slightly different.

Easley (left in photo) qualified 6th and finished 5th at the competitive Shoot-Out race in the first time he had ever driven an X Factory short course truck, so there is no doubt the new truck is fast. “Like every X-Car I have driven, the SCX – 60CF is incredibly stable – I was over to lay down power and drive past other trucks in the whoops section. It’s also the best truck out there in the air. I don’t want to send this back to Speedy Dad!”

Team driver Gary O’Brien (right in photo) finished 5th in the 17.5 class, and also bumped up from the B to finish 10th in mod short course. O’Brien drove his original SCX – 60, and you can easily see the difference in the photo.

The first small batch of SCX – 60CFs are in production now. A number of drivers have pre-ordered them (www.xfactorystore.com) and a small batch is being readied to ship without instruction manuals, box labels, etc. Those pre-production Kits will be used to work out any small issues, write the instructions, etc, and full production is expected to begin in November.

Photo credits: Charlie Suangka

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