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Driving smoothly and consistently, Stefan Mesker drove his X Factory X – 6 Squared mid-motor buggy to a solid win in the final round of the B.N.K. Championship at Bergschenhoek near Rotterdam.

Mesker took all three rounds of qualifying by five seconds or more, good for the TQ position on the grid.

After the race, Stefan said, “I haven't been able to race much this summer, and I was hungry to get back to R/C Championship racing. This is my home track, and I just wheeled it. So easy to do with the X – 6 Squared. I thank X Factory for staying with me even though I have been on the sidelines for a while.”

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The BNK Series takes in 7 races at different venues across Belgium and Holland, then awards two Championships, one for each nation. This year’s Belgian Championship goes to Bruno “Elvo” Heremans with his X – 6 Squared. X Factory drivers won five of the seven races, with Wouter Wynen taking three, Elvo one, and Mesker the last round. Heremans combined his win with five third-place finishes to take the Belgian crown.
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