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These are photos of the new X – 6 Cubed body. The X – 6 Cubed is an all carbon fiber slim design update on the X – 6 Squared. The new cab-forward body shows off the slim design but retains X Factory’s trademark swept-up rear for aerodynamic downforce. The cab is aggressively placed with more rake to the windshield than most for better front downforce.



The Cubed body also features X Factory’s new medium downforce wing. Side dams are still as large as the rules allow, but the new wing is 1/2” narrower than the original X – 6 high downforce wing, and the kick up on the new wing is five degrees less than the older model. The Cubed will be supplied with the medium downforce wing standard, but both wings will fit.


X Factory President Paul Sinclair said, “We should release the new car to our Dealer Family in about two weeks, as soon as the last parts arrive in our shop. All of the sub-contracted parts have been shipped, and we are in full production now on the parts we make in-house.”




The X – 6 Cubed will be released in two versions: a full Conversion Kit which converts a B4, or B4.1 or B4.2 to X – 6 Cubed, and an UpGrade Kit which UpGrades an X – 6 Squared to X – 6 Cubed. Either way, the customer ends up with the same car.

Spokesman Chazz Sinclair said, "X Factory will follow its normal policy of shipping to our world-wide Dealer Family first, and will only release the car on our web site after all Dealer orders have been shipped. So you will get your Cubed fastest from your local hobby store.”

Photos: Steve Archer, Paint: Mark Samuelson


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