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The eagerly anticipated X Factory X - 6 Cubed will begin shipping to dealers all over the world the week of August 1st. Many Dealers have accepted pre-orders, and most of them will be filled from this first production run.


The X - 6 Cubed is an all-new carbon fiber chassis update of the most successful mid-motor off-road buggy ever, the X - 6 Squared. Team drivers have been showing the new car off on three continents with considerable success for about two months now, and the initial production run is ready to ship.


X Factory introduced the first purpose-built mid-motor buggy seven years ago with the X - 6 molded chassis car, and that was updated in 2009 to the X - 6 Squared.

Now the Squared has been significantly improved with release of the X - 6 Cubed.

Mid-motor is inherently faster than rear - check the physics principles - and X Factory has long been known for cars that are easy to drive fast, so this new car vaults
X Factory to the forefront of 1/10 off-road.

Photos: Steve Archer
Kit Body Paint: Mark Samuelson
Paul's Body Paint: A Main Bodies


The X - 6 Cubed is available in TWO versions:

The K 030 Conversion Kit converts an AE B4, B4.1, or B4.2 to an X - 6 Cubed. This Kit includes everything needed to turn a running B4.2 into a running X - 6 Cubed, including the outdrives & bearings.

The K 031 UpGrade Kit upgrades an existing X - 6 Squared to Cubed.




New Cubed features include:

  • Slim design carbon fiber chassis for correct weight distribution. Better handling in corners, over bumps, and in the air.

  • Light weight. With a "shorty" pack you may have to add ballast to bring the car up to minimum racing weight.

  • The car is almost entirely carbon fiber with anodized aluminum parts for maximum strength and fantastic looks.

  • New "tower forward" design brings the rear shock tower forward to make the shocks straighter and bring the wing forward. It has several performance advantages and looks better too!

  • All new cab-forward slim body. Cab is further forward than most with windshield at a steeper rake for more front downforce. Rear is swept up as all X factory bodies for rear downforce. It's the best looking body out there!

  • New medium downforce wing standard. Wing is contoured to fit the shock tower, but is narrower than the high downforce wing on the X - 6 Squared and the rear kick-up is 5 degrees less. Both wings fit the Cubed and the high downforce is still available.

  • Accepts all the latest AE parts, including big bore shocks. Kit includes the outdrives and bearings to fit the B4.1 & 4.2 diffs into the great X Factory 4-Gear transmission.


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