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Perhaps the best debut for a production-ready new R/C vehicle at Cactus this year was the X Factory SCX – 61, an updated version of X Factory’s successful all carbon fiber mid motor short course truck. Alex Krieg qualified 9th with the SCX – 61 in mod SC and Engineer Paul Sinclair qualified 10th with his truck. Sinclair took 7th in all three A mains to improve to 9th overall in the standings. The new trucks were very quick indeed.

The main difference in the new truck is improved flex characteristics. Engineer Sinclair described it this way: "We’ve been making all carbon fiber mid motor vehicles for about three years now and we’ve learned a lot about flex – where it occurs and how much. Even more important, we’ve learned how to control the flex so it’s exactly where we want it on the car and learned how to adjust the amount. With the SCX – 61 drivers will be able to adjust where their trucks flex, how much flex there is, and will be able to easily and quickly make significant changes in how their trucks jump, corner, and handle bumps. I can lock my truck down so there’s almost no flex at all, or let it flex like a pretzel. I can move flex from the front to the middle to the

rear to the very back. All I have to do is install or remove a few screws. You can quickly dial this baby in for anything from ultra-high-traction dirt with a tight lay-out to a large blown-out 1/8 scale outdoor track."

The SCX – 61 chassis will be of 3mm CF, different from the original truck’s 4mm chassis. Of course, this allows much more chassis flex. In four months’ testing there have been no problems with the thinner chassis.

The new truck will accept many different battery configurations, including shorty across the back, shorty lengthwise on either side, brick pack, saddles, or stick down the center. This feature answers some concerns about the previous model.
Team driver Alex Krieg said, "My new truck jumps better than the original model. It has lots of spring off the jump face. I’ve run on several different surfaces and simple flex adjustments dial the truck in very quickly."

The beginning design work was done by Chris "Speedy Dad" Krieg, who made the first prototype truck. Chief engineer Paul Sinclair consulted with Krieg during the process, and did the final detail work to produce the production prototypes. Several Team drivers located in different parts of the USA have prototype SCX – 61s and are working now to determine the final Kit set-up and check fit and finish issues. X Factory plans to release the new SCX – 61 Conversion Kit in about six weeks. As always, an UpGrade Kit will be available at much reduced cost for those currently driving the SCX – 60CF.
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