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An exciting new element has been added to this year's CRCRC MidWinter Championship race, to be held at The Ohio R/C Factory the weekend of Jan. 11-13. Two five minute Cash Dash races will be held, one in Mod Buggy and one in 4WD Mod for a total of $2,000 in cash prizes!!! $1,000 in each race, with $500 to the winner, $300 for second, and $200 for third. The drivers qualified for the A Main will compete for the big money.

OldMan Billy wanted to spice up the competition, so here's the kicker: THE GRID WILL BE INVERTED.

10th qualifier will start first, 9th qualifier second, and so on, with the MidWinter Championship TQ starting 10th.

Now this will be interesting. We'll see how if top pros work their way cleanly up through a very fast field. Can the 10th qualifier hold the pros off for five minutes? Will there be carnage at the start? Or the end? What will happen in qualifying? When qualifier 4 rolls around on Saturday afternoon, it's all about making the A. There are two bump-ups at the MidWinter, but the Cash Dash takes only the top 10, so a driver on the bubble will work extra hard to stay in the A, and a driver standing 11th after three rounds will be working extra hard to put in a top 5 run to vault into the A. Perhaps a driver with a solid 6th or 7th after three rounds will sand bag a bit in round 4 to try to drop a place or two on the Championship grid for a better position on the Cash Dash grid.

X Factory and OldMan Billy are proud to have Live R/C sign on as a Cash Dash co-sponsor. Both Cash Dash races will be broadcast live on Live R/C, so be sure to watch Sunday Jan 13th. We can't be sure exactly when the Cash Dash races will start; they will be before the A Mains so it depends on how long the lower mains take. Usually everything E and below runs Saturday night after qualifying, so the Ds start Sunday morning. We doubt the Cash Dash will be before 10AM and will probably be finished by 12:30. So make sure LiveR/C is streaming on your computer by 10AM Sunday January 13th.

We couldn't do this without great co-operation from Curt Schlichter and his crew at The Ohio R/C Factory, home of the CRCRC MidWinter Championship for the last few years. Curt signed on to Billy’s inverted grid idea early on.

Graphics are courtesy of DJO Race Designs. Thanks Richard!

X Factory looks forward to Sunday Jan 13th. Watch it live on Live R/C. A few days later we’ll have our own video up with live commentary from Paul and OldMan Billy. Can't wait!

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